On the world of Othereon, more than a thousand of years after the event known as “The Scouring” wiped out all signs of civilization on the continent of Eureon, trouble is brewing. The countries of Tyr and Jotun threaten the Anthorian Borderlands. The Kingdom of Prador prepares for a war against the dark nation of Thorne.

Amidst the chaos, a new threat is emerging. The Outsiders of the Far Realm are working to break through the barriers between worlds, to use Othereon as a staging ground for the domination of all of known existence.

But a new age of heroes has begun…

In the Anthorian Borderland town of Nowhere (pronounced now-here), a group of strangers wake up in underground cells, an offering for “The Mistress”. They escape the underground lair, and make some new friends, and plenty of enemies. They keep losing their Paladins. What does that say about the rest of them?

Elsewhere in the Borderlands, another group of heroes has dealt the first blow against the Outsiders, freeing the Cleric Benn from their influence.

A third group of adventures has begun investigating the reemergence of the Cult of Shaddatho, who use children as living conduits for their masters power.

Meanwhile, a whole bunch of random people get involved in some of the day-to-day usual mess of life on Othereon.

Save the world? Right now, they’re just trying to stay alive!

Othereon is a long existing home-brewed campaign world that started back in the 1e days. It was long forgotten, but has resurfaced as I’ve gotten back into tabletop gaming. I’m leaving some of the cheese, but adding more meat, and stealing some inspiration from the likes of Stephen King and Jim Butcher. I’m running three groups in this world, and I’m thinking of adding a fourth.